Why Investing In Customer Success Software Is Key to Business Growth
23 Aug

Growing a business sustainably is tough. New business is risky and lead generation tactics can waste significant resources only to fail to close.

At RevSetter, we believe that the best customers are the ones you already have. Our customer success software helps you leverage your existing customer base and maximize the potential for renewal, expansion, and growth.

What Is Customer Success Software?

Customer success software helps you unlock the potential of your current customers to grow your business through a focus on customer and net revenue retention. It focuses less on lead generation and new business and more on health, renewals, upselling, cross-selling, and expansion of current customers.

Customer Success & Net Revenue Retention

Net revenue retention is a key indicator of customer success. It calculates how much net revenue your business is able to maintain over a period of time.

Companies with low revenue retention will constantly be seeking new leads, which can be costly. On the other hand, companies that can maintain a high net revenue retention rate focus their efforts on maintaining and growing their current customer base. This can be significantly more cost-effective while still fueling growth.

How RevSetter Works

RevSetter is the first customer success software that is built for the net revenue retention era. It focuses on both renewals and the expansion of current customers to increase revenue growth. It is a modern and easy-to-use platform that is completely customizable to help you access the insights and workflows that matter most.

Manage Your Portfolio

With RevSetter, you can create customer plans, track your relationships strength, and identify high risk customers to improve your customer retention rate. Keep key accounts at top of mind to ensure optimal health and track renewals and expansion opportunities.

Discover New Opportunities

Identify new opportunities at the right time within your existing customer base. Sort and filter customers by industry, revenue, and more to find actionable growth opportunities, then get to work setting goals and devising a plan, all within our user-friendly customer success software.

Explore Cross-sells With Customer Mapping

Unlock the potential for cross-sells with easy-to-use customer mapping and insights. Build out a company map to pinpoint key stakeholders and decision makers and identify opportunities for growth across teams and business units.

Prospect Renewals & Expansion

Track time to close, deal size, and more for recurring business from current customers. Forecast incoming revenue and manage your leads pipeline for more predictable growth.

Is RevSetter Right for My Business?

RevSetter is a highly-customizable platform that can be adapted to fit a number of business sizes and models. However, our customer success software is optimal for:

  • Small and mid-sized B2B-focused businesses
  • Enterprise B2B-focused businesses looking to unlock customer expansion
  • SaaS and other subscription-based companies
  • Companies prioritizing retention, expansion, and customer growth 

Explore how RevSetter can help you by booking a demo with our team and see how it may fit your needs. We have flexible plans to adapt to your scope, whether you have a single client success manager or a large customer success management or account management organization.

Business Growth Through Customer Success Software

RevSetter’s intuitive tools and focus on customer retention can help you grow your business more effectively. Improve your net revenue retention, avoid costly lead generation tactics, and take your business to the next level.

Learn more about our cutting-edge customer success software and book a demo at RevSetter.com.

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