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Data Hub

Finally, there is a solution to your data challenges. Structured or unstructured data, in any of your favorite tech or databases – it does not matter. Seamlessly integrate with RevSetter using our unique data model and see it all in action. Powering your insights, workflows and automations.


 Any motion

Drive any sales or customer success motion and adopt it to each role and team – from CSM, to manager to CxO and beyond. RevSetter enables the workflows that best fit your team and customers, across the revenue journey and segments.


your team’s work

From the comprehensive CS Audit to the powerful solutions that give you a true 360 view of every lead, customer and portfolio, RevSetter helps elevate and enhance your strategy and turns it into actionable, day-to-day activities & outcomes for your team. Leading to happier customers, improved retention and accelerated growth.


 for real

We believe that successful companies care about the entire revenue journey, and that everyone in the organization contributes to a happy, healthy and growing customer base. Customer Success is Company Success. True to that, RevSetter is the only platform that offers unlimited users. Why? Cost should not stop anyone on your team from contributing to the success of your customers and company.

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Powerful at Every Stage of the Revenue Journey

From First Deal

New logo acquisition, PLG, or land & expand? It’s time to connect sales & CS.

To CS & AM

Your customer-facing teams can now take the next step on up-selling, cross-selling & growth generation.

To Leveling Up

Do you own customer success or revenue? Then it is time to level up to maximize the opportunities in your customer base.