What Sets Us Apart

RevSetter is a cutting-edge CS and revenue platform built on a unique data model and insights engine to super-charge customer success, account management, and revenue teams across the globe. RevSetter unlocks the efficiency of your revenue-facing teams – starting with a streamlined onboarding and fast time-to-value, it’s fully customizable for ICs, managers, and the C-Suite and capable of powering the actions and workflows of the full revenue journey. We built our platform to address the market’s current challenges, while also future-proofing the evolving needs of revenue teams worldwide. It’s time to empower your business with a comprehensive set of solutions ranging from automated workflows, robust data management, dynamic customer journeys, product usage analytics, and much more – all in one innovative solution.

The Next Transformation of Customer Success

The story of CS is still in its early stages, but is entering a pivotal point in time. A time that calls for innovative technologies and an approach that helps companies take that vital next step.

We believe that the truest measure of value is when a customer decides to invest money in your partnership a second (or more!) time – or even better – increase their investment in that partnership. Happy customers renew and buy more.

Everything else you do is ultimately driving towards that main goal of renewal & expansion. This is not an easy challenge for most companies, especially growing and large organizations.

Solving it can yield fantastic returns for individuals, teams and companies alike.

In this new era of CS and Product Led Growth (PLG), the biggest challenge – and opportunity – sits with unlocking the potential of your customers and driving expansion & growth.

But no one is truly helping individuals and companies solve this effectively.

Until now.

RevSetter is built to help you level up to optimize customer expansion and revenue growth.

Built for the new era of CS.